Sunday, June 14, 2009

*Casey has been excited all week about the Cardinal game on Sunday night baseball. He planned his whole Sunday around it AND made sure to sport his cardinal stuff today.

*The rest of our weekend was pretty busy. Saturday night Casey and I rented Lost Season 3 and made pulled our mattress into family room to watch the show on our we are 7 years old. It was fun.

*This is the last week of Casey's 5th class. He's excited.

*We are visiting St. Louis July 11-15th. Super excited.

*AND the big event this week: the sex of Baby Eldridge will (hopefully) be known. :) We are super, super excited.


  1. Yay! Can't wait to know the sex! It really is an exciting experience.
    -We just finished season 3, it is great, of course

  2. So I know you plan all your vacays around me but seriously...... I'm going to be in Costa Rica every single one of those days!! I want to see cute pregnant Kristin!!! Sad.

  3. Costa Rica will be much more exciting than me pregnant. Trust me. :)