Monday, June 29, 2009

It's really hot here in Arizona. We have had a surprisingly mild June until now but now we have hit the 100s. But NO humidity which really does make a big difference. Casey works out in it in the morning so I hope that it goes quickly for his sake.

School update: Casey is in his second week of Climate Control. It's his 6th class. He loves it and the teacher which is very nice. He is learning a lot and loves it.

Baby update: Well...I think the baby is good as far as I know. He's growing and I am enjoying being pregnant.

We are excited about St. Louis. Just a few more weeks!


  1. Good to hear about your life. Baby boy is cute. Is it just a coincedence that your STL trip coincides with the All Star game there????

  2. No. It really is a coincidence though Casey is already planning on going down there and hoping someone will have a ticket for him. :)

    We picked these dates because Casey's sister's graduation party is the 11th.

  3. hoping someone has a ticket eh? Do his initials happen to be TW?