Monday, June 22, 2009

Kind of a crazy week it seemed.

Tuesday...the BIG day. We learned that our baby is a boy. Casey was super excited. As everyone knows, Casey had extremely strong feelings about wanting a boy so thankfully we can check that off the list. Boy...done. :) I always have such a fun time at the ultrasound appointments watching the baby. He looks healthy and has all of his parts.

After our doctor's appointment on Tuesday, we planned to hang out in Scottsdale and get lunch. But our plans were cut short when we learned we locked our keys in the car. Onstar wouldn't work and my Uncle was out of town. Thankfully Casey's pal from school came and got us.

Friday....Casey finished his last day of his 5th class. He is glad to have it over. He got a 99! He was excited.

Saturday.....My cousin, Josh, is in town playing baseball because he was drafted with the Kansas City, Royals. We went out to eat.

Sunday....We met up with all of our family here for Father's Day. My grandparents drove into town earlier that day. And then we all, 13 of us, headed to watch Josh pitch in his first professional baseball game ever! He did so well. He was brought in in the last inning and got all 3 outs. The last out was a strike out.


  1. What a week you had, so much excitement. Good reporting on Joshua's pitching, and letting us know the outs and strike outs. Very important stuff,I wonder where you learned all that! Have a good week and enjoy being with your grandparents, they were excited about seeing you,Casey and the baby. Casey your amazing, keep up the awesome job you are doing at school, we are so proud of you as a husband and student. Much love from Chesterfield!!!

  2. Wow, sounds busy but fun! Hopefully making the time go quickly before the trip!