Thursday, July 16, 2009

The result of all this......MY BACK IS KILLING ME.


Precious in so many ways.

Our trip to St. Louis was SO nice. There's nothing like HOME. The smell of your parent's house, the green trees, the pretty flowers, your family, knowing where things are in the world. Comfort. Security. It was a good break. We are both pretty worn out though. We were busy the whole shower, church, graduation parties, shopping, home run derbys, friend visiting. Lots to do in 4 short days. I need a off day here soon. But I will get to see my husband a lot more these next few weeks. He is taking a phase break from school to rejuvenate and rest. It's wonderful!

Casey was able to do some job searching while we were there and that was really positive. Nice motivation to keep going!

We were very blessed at our baby shower that Casey's family threw for us. Lots of cute little clothes and gift cards! Much appreciated. Casey somehow got a Whitey Herzog 1982 signed Cardinal's jersey out of the deal too. Unbelievable.

Casey was able to go to he Home Run derby on Monday and hang out down town for the All Star Game. He loved it.

I was able to go maternity clothes shopping. It is nice to have clothes that are cute and fit. :) My friend Ashley also blessed me with a huge stack of clothes.

Pictures to come soon.

Until then I have loads of laundry to do and baby nursery to slowly get ready. So fun.

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