Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's finally cooling down here and getting darker sooner at night. The change is very welcome!!! We have been waiting for it. It makes working outside for Casey a lot less miserable.

Casey finished his ninth class last night. Those nights are always exciting. His next class will be Manual Transmission. He has done very well in all of his classes and gotten all A's. (Not that that is the most important thing but it's still exciting.) He also has had perfect attendance. He said that he doesn't know anyone else with that. (It's important at UTI b/c they grade you on your professionalism and attendance as well as labs and tests.)

Casey's back is feeling a little better each day. Between his back and my growing belly, we are quite a picture. The Eldridge's don't move very quick these days.

The baby seems to be fine. He's moving lots. I like to bother and him and see if I can feel his foot or other body parts. Sometimes they are sticking out my side or way up by my lungs. I start going every two weeks to the doctor. My next appointment is this next upcoming week.

Those are the big highlights. If we didn't have school or baby to talk about, what would we blog about? :)

Have a good weekend!!!

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