Saturday, November 28, 2009

November was such a good month filled with so many good memories! I am sad it is over. Family all left yesterday and today, Casey starts school Monday, and I am going back to work part time on Monday. I'm a little intimidated with going back to work but thankfully I can bring Carter with me so we will just have to figure it out. It's only for a few more months.

Speaking of a few months, Casey has
TEN more weeks of school!!!! We are getting really excited. We are preparing for GRADUATION and our big departure.We started packing our stuff and sent some things we don't need back to the Lou' with our parents. Though it has had it's moments, this year has gone by so fast. Casey is looking forward to getting a job (big prayers) and getting settled.

Carter is GETTING SO BIG. He is just growing and developing in front of our eyes. It's fun to watch and notice all the changes. One of his favorite things to do is stretch and arch his back.

I don't know why the fonts are different sizes. It won't change.


  1. I didn't realize you were taking Carter with you, that's nice! I will have to check in to see how life as normal (pre-baby normal) is going.

  2. He will stay with Casey on the weekends. But since we are breast feeding, Casey will have to bring him to me. We'll see how it goes. That's the plan right now. My hours seem manageable with a baby so it shouldn't be that hard.