Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a crazy last few days! Phew. I can't believe that last Friday morning we were having a baby!

Today was our first doctor appointment and Carter is doing really well. Color is good. Weight has gone up. Circumcision was done really well. He LOVES to stretch out and flail his little arms around.

Casey has ASE tests on Thursday so he is getting ready for them. He really is a good and involved Dad. It makes my heart smile.

I am good. I feel like I have been thrown into a world wind of activity, details, and learning. My mind is worn out.

But our little family is doing well. Casey and I are both excited about everything and are so grateful for how everything worked out. For months we have been talking and trying to figure out how having a baby was logistically and financially going to work . And it couldn't have worked out any better than it did. After Carter was born, we sat in our hospital room in complete awe about all the little details to get him here. It teaches us once again that God is taking care of us.

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  1. wow I think it is so neat how you have this website to write of your days events and share them with people. But I also think its nice for yourself to go back over them and enjoy those moments again. I really didn't get to know you very well when I was in windsor's youth group but I am still finding tears brought to my eyes by these sweet little blogs about you and casey and your sweet little boy, what an absolute gift from God he is. The fact that I feel so emotional about this is funny to me maybe it is my postpregnancy hormones, or maybe its the fact that I know what your saying and I can't help but feel Gods grace when it comes to families