Saturday, December 5, 2009

Again....let's hope I can make it through another post with no words missing and correct spelling. :) I'll do my best. Usually I am bad at editing but lately I have been really bad. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones.

It's been a good week for us. The big news has been Casey's ASE tests. Casey was extremely relieved and excited when we heard he passed five. His goal was to at least pass one so he would be ASE certified but turns out he passed five. Three more and he will be a master technician. He is hoping to take the three he didn't pass in January. He also took the test to get into the 4 month Porsche school in Atlanta and did way above the average and needed passing grade. PLUS Friday was the end of phase #12 which means 5 more classes to go. Monday he will start double coursing which means that he will be at school from 6 AM- 8: 15 PM. LONG day but he saved some of the more interesting classes for the end of his program. I believe Custom Engine Building is one he is really excited about.

Carter is doing well. Going to work with him has been successful so far. There were a few stressful moments but nothing to bad. As long as I feed him every 3 hours, he is good to go and stays fairly content. Thankfully I am able to bring him. It's a HUGE blessing.

It doesn't really feel like Christmas here to either Casey and I. Maybe b/c we can wear flip flops most of the time. Today is actually really cold which is a nice change of pace.

But besides being tired most of the time, we are hanging in there. Enjoying Carter and being parents.

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