Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Carter has learned that when he cries we come and hold him. :) So Carter and I like the sling for the fussy times. He can be close to me and I can still use my hands. It's nice and works well especially when at work.

We went to a car show here (see car picture below) in Phoenix and Porsche was there. Casey wanted a picture of Carter and him by the new Porsche Panamera (or something like that). The photographer (me) didn't quite get the Porsche symbol on the car in the picture. :)

Casey enjoyed checking out the car and knew more about the vehicle than the model lady who is suppose to know all about the car. He probably sold one to this guy who kept asking him questions about it. Pretty funny to watch.


  1. So i'm guessing a porshe will be a future car for ya'll?? =)

  2. Casey has an old old Porsche that he is in the middle of working on. But Maybe one day he/we will get a newer one. We'll see. :)