Sunday, January 3, 2010

As always, life just keeps flying by. Carter turned two months this week, Casey has 3 classes (6 weeks left), and 2009 is over (and what a year it has been). Casey and I both are excited about everything that God has done in our lives. HE HAS SHOWN US CONTINUALLY THAT HE IS IN CONTROL in so many little and big details. I've never really been a huge risk taker at life at all. I like to prevent mistakes, stress, confrontation, etc. So it's crazy to think that Casey and I just up and left one day in Kansas City in pursuit of UTI and Arizona. We didn't have a job or apartment lined up. We didn't know what to do with the truckload of STUFF that we had. We didn't know anything about Arizona. But we knew that this was the best thing for Casey and his career and our future. The unknowns were a little (or a LOT) worrying at times (probably more on my end than Casey's). I definitely had my fairshare of freak out/emotional moments during the whole process but God had everything all figured out for us. I don't think I can express it enough in a stupid blog post how amazing it is to look back and see how everything just came together. It's really unbelieveable and I hope that Casey and I continue to live our Christian walk with the same amount of unknown everyday b/c it is so good to have to always trust God and leave everything in his hands and really experience the Holy Spirit and our faithful, faithful, LOVING Father. God must laugh at us when we think we are in control of anything. It's kind of sad that our depth of trusting isn't even close to what other Christians experience around the world.

All of that rambling to say that we are very, VERY THANKFUL for a good 2009. We are excited about 2010 b/c we still don't know what that completely looks like........except for February 12, 2010 around noon.....CASEY'S GRADUATION!!!!

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