Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bye. Bye. Nissan.

This weekend we sold my (I'm really it's OUR) Nissan, Altima. It's the car I have had for 5 years. I bought it for $1900.00 and we were able to sell it for $1800.00. I'd say we did pretty good on that transaction.

I was a little sad when we were cleaning it out and getting it ready to go to sell. It was a good, reliable car. Lots of good memories.

Casey wants to fix up his old 944 when we get back to the Lou so we really don't need 3 cars. The $$$$ we got for the Nissan will go towards fixing up the Porsche. And we won't have to worry about getting the car back b/c I am flying with the kid and Casey is pulling the Saturn with Uhaul truck filled with our loot. :)

Graduation countdown: 31 days!!!!
*****This double coursing business is killing both of us. BUT I think it will be worth it. Next week (the last week of double coursing) Casey will be taking 3 of his ASE tests that he didn't pass way back in November which means he will be home early those days.

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