Monday, February 8, 2010

The packing is in full motion. It's very exciting. Somehow we accumulated a lot of stuff in one year. I guess a baby will do that and Casey has a huge stash of tools.

Casey's mom, step-dad, and cousin Jerry arrive Thursday evening. Graduation is FRIDAY. We will finish pack up the Uhual and be all ready to go for Saturday. Carter and I fly out that morning with Casey's mom and stepdad. Casey will take off in the Uhaul with Jerry and all our loot and hopefully arrive in St. Louis Sunday sometime.

That's the plan. Hopefully it will go smoothly. I think it will. And it will be lots of fun.

Here are some good quotes/points/stuff from Wild Things.

*Though we may never fully understand boys, and it will never be our goal to try to tame them, we can do a better job of coming alongside them and helping them on their treacherous journey to becoming men.
*Boys bear a unique image of our wild, playful, and imaginative Creator.
*How boys are designed often requires a different approach from what we would take with girls, if they are to find their way and mature into noble men.
*Boys need us first to recognize who they are. Then they need the help of wise and committed adults in navigating their way from boyhood to manhood.
*The progression of a boy from infant to twentysomething is much more fluid than solid, and far more gray than black-and-white.
*The older a boy gets, the more complex and dynamic his needs become. His needs more from primarily physical to increasingly more relational, emotional, and spiritual.
*Every man is unfinished in some form or fashion. To one degree or another, we are all boys in men's bodies, dressed up and disguised with costumes of masculinity.
*The male brain is wired for activity; the female brain is biased toward personal connections.
*As explorers (ages 2-4), boys live in their imaginations as much or more then they do in "reality." Unable yet to separate fantasy from reality, they live in a fairy-tale world.
*When it comes to discipline Explorers (ages 2-4) are often stubborn learners. There's good reason for this. The Explorer's brain secretes less serotonin than the brain of a similar-age girl. Among other things, serotonin works as an impulse-control agent and is responsible for inhibiting some of the aggressive effects of testosterone.
*Aggression as a male form of intimacy starts early.


  1. We are so excited for you guys to come back- and to meet Carter! Travel safely!

  2. Ahhh, it's here! It seems like just yesterday we were talking and it was 6 months out. SO glad ya'll MADE IT! Way to go Casey for doing so well, way to go Kristin for surviving, and way to go Carter for being born and adorable!

    I like those quotes.