Friday, April 2, 2010

(Sorry all you faithful readers. Couple reasons for not blogging: a) I need to spend less time on the stupid computer. b) We've been busy. c) I didn't want to.)

I'm just better with lists so here is a update for us:
*the kid-He's adorable. Getting big. Laughing lots. Changing all the time. He loves his Daddy. It's sweet. He's just a good, easy baby. We love him. His favorite activities are his johnny jump up and his exersaucer. But mostly he just likes being with people. Don't we all?

*me-Love being able to stay at home. I am currently on a organization mission. I have purged tons of clothes and books and just stuff we do not need SO WHY HAVE IT?! I am also trying to learn how to coupon and how to save money. I go to consignment sales and shop craig's list. I am trying to learn to cook new things. That's fun. Sometimes disappointing but I am learning to enjoy the process and not be a perfectionist b/c that seems to get me no where. I am currently reading quite a few books. So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore is great. I feel I am getting wiser. Learning to understand my feelings and how my mind works. Learning to deal with emotions and people a little bit. I am learning to pray hard for my husband and kid. I am trying to exercise fairly regularly. It just feels good and starts my day off great. I find that the best time to do it is right after Carter's breakfast. I love my jogger stroller.

*Casey-LOVES his new job at Parktown Porsche. Working hard. Drives expensive cars everyday. It would appear that everyone likes him there. Pretty tired though. We are trying to learn to slow love down and not busy ourselves and fill up our calendars. He recently got his hunting license which he is excited about.

*Easter- We are looking forward to a good Easter. Last night Casey and I went (on a date!!! Thanks sis for babysitting!) to the Good Friday Experience at our church. It was so good. Their attention to detail and creativity in telling Easter story is excellent. We all learn differently and I love that they try to engage people in different ways. I hope I can learn to do that for my children. Saturday we will go to church and head to my mom and dad's after. Sunday we will hit up Casey's family. And hopefully rest and relax and remember in between. It's nice to be home for the holiday. Home sweet home!

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