Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday: 27.

I must brag on my husband. I turned 27 on Thursday. Since we have been married we have been married we haven't made a big deal out of birthdays and holidays in regards to gifts. It's just never been a priority with all of the financial circumstances that have occurred these past few years. But now that things are settling down, I am looking forward to make it a priority to celebrate each other!

On Thursday night I came home from a jewelry party (Stella and Dot..really cute) to find a bouquet of flowers and two cards. One card was from Casey with a sweet note and one was from Carter. And then Casey presented me with 3 gift cards. Each gift card was to a place that I like...Target, Whole Foods, and Ikea $...and as he gave them to me he told me something he appreciated about me.
*how I am a good mom to Carter
*how I strive to have a active and healthy relationship with God
*how I try to be healthy and active

Friday night we went to Charlie Gitto's on the Hill and had a nice dinner.

So kuddos to my sweet husband.

Melt my heart.

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