Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The ESSENTIAL "How Kristin Functions" list:

*Exercising. It sucks while doing it but feels gloriously refreshing and rejuvenating after. Do it. It does a body good. I love what the teacher of the class I took tonight said, "Leave all your stress and worries and family drama at the door. This is your hour." Ha. Then we punched and kicked our little hynies off. UPPERCUT baby!

*Bible Study. Just brings me back to the reality. Helps me to deal with the tiny, small struggles of my life that only God and I know. The things that I deal with on a daily basis. My normals. Realizing the things I do to cope in a world that doesn't like me, a enemy that hates me, and a flesh that doesn't generally cooperate. Goodness. I have been doing Breaking Free by Beth Moore. You can't do that study and not get something out of it. If you do, I can honestly say you are not being really honest with yourself or you don't really know your hurts and pains and baggage. It just the truth.

*Water. Goodbellies. Apple Cider Vinegar. Vegetables. Ezekiel Bread. Just a few of my essential foods I LOVE and need to keep my body functioning normally. I must say that I generally feel good and rarely get sick.


  1. For sure. Do you use the apple cider vinegar to cook or do you drink it straight?

    I think I'm going to redo and finish Breaking Free independently this fall.

  2. I drink it straight. It tastes vinegary but I don't mind it bc I am use to Kombucha drinks. Casey dislikes vinegar and didn't mind it.

    Yay! I wish you here and could go to joy. :)