Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I want to remember. In twenty years when my little one is big and grown, I want to be able to remember him just as he is now. SO I need to do something about that. Pictures will help a lot but I need to write stuff down. So I think I will just start blogging it. It doesn't have to be cute or pretty. I just want to get it down.

Carter is a goof. He brings joy and lots of laughter to Casey and I. Last night we got out (it's freezing and snowy outside) and went to the mall. Casey and I just sat and watched him run around the playground. and sat there next to each other just laughing as he  ran all around. The bigger kids don't scare him at all.

He is starting to communicate. When he wants to read a book, he hands it to me and than motions to sit in my lap. He frequently helps himself to any snacks he can get to. He grabs my hand when he wants up.

I realize he likes his toys when we are playing with him. He just wants to be with us.

He likes attention from strangers. He usually claps and smiles at them when they stop to talk to him.

He hates anything we have to do on a daily, consistent basis....changing diapers, brushing teeth, wiping face.

He loves anything long like his play baseball bat. He loves banging it and moving it around. My Grandma got him a fly swatter and that made his day. He carried it everywhere.

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