Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stuff to remember.....

*Carter likes to play chase. He thinks it's funny. Especially when I am trying to get him dressed.
*Last night, he climbed up on the couch himself.
*He is very curious.
*I don't know what it is about ELMO but Carter already likes him.  He dances around when he sees him. *He also likes the giraffe puppet and the caterpillar on Baby Einstein. He starts laughing and clapping.
*Bedtime routine: read some books...he's very picky about what books and likes to turn the pages....and then I turn him around and rock/cuddle. It's sweet. At times, he will lay his head on my shoulder and look at the stuff on the wall. We talk. Then we pray. And then I swing him back in forth 3 times and the last time I lay him in bed. Snuggle him up with his blankets and froggy. And that's usually it. He doesn't even cry anymore.


  1. Chris and i were at your apartment while you were gone, and I asked Casey what the scratches were on top of the crib... Carter's teeth marks. Ha! Funny! (Probably not so funny to you or your nice crib)


  2. I know. It is funny. The only thing you can do is laugh.

    THE ONLY NICE/EXPENSIVE/NEW PIECE OF FURNITURE WE HAVE EVER....AND MAY EVER BUY he has already chewed. Apparently their are guards you can put up for that but a)didn't know about them and b)I didn't even know he had a tooth before he was already doing it.