Friday, February 4, 2011

What I Wore.

I find myself wanting to go on the show "What Not to Wear" by Staci and Clinton when I watch it. Ha. Not because I don't want to be stylish but because I just choose not to most of the time. :)

Why? Because clothes and trying to stay stylish can be a bit of work when you are a stay-at-home-mom and a for me it takes motivation. There's probably a zillion emotional reasons stemming form culture to my own baggage as to why. I have issues. (Don't we all.) Jeans and a hoodie with pumas and my hair in a pony tail seem way easier when you have a one year old running around putting things in your toilet and a pile of dishes to do. But those aren't good reasons for not wanting to take care of myself.

So....I saw this blog post from this chica and thought, "I should do that." Or at least give it a try. It actually gave me motivation to come up with cute and different outfits. I have the clothes. I just don't put the creative effort into it.

Outfit #1
Normally I never thought to put the belt on with it. That was an effort to do something a little different. I also put bracelets on.

 Baby Belly.
 Also...I recently got highlights in my hair. BONUS: I went to a Paul Mitchell hair school and it only cost me $37.00 for cut and color. It took a long time but wahLa! The Paul Mitchell hair schools are suppose to be really good schools. I have always had good results.
 Outfit #2
I was actually inspired by one of Jones girl outfits. Put a button down shirt underneath a cotton shirt.
Thought it was somewhat cute. Never would have done it on my own.

 You can see my dirty mirror. Lovely. I guess that's real life for ya. Breaking down the "I have a perfect everything" that is easy to portray on blogs.
 Outfit #3
Nothing to exciting. I added a headband which I normally wouldn't have thought of really.

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