Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Boy's Rooms.

I've been busy trying to get the boy's rooms done. Thankfully my Dad painted both rooms. I just used paint that he had left over. (I'm just trying to use what I have. It makes you more creative when you have boundaries and less options.) My Mom and Grandma have helped me with getting curtains I have hemmed and up.

After seeing this license plate "art" from this really cute nursery, I said DONE. My husband has been collecting license plates for awhile and so I nabbed them and tied them together. I think it's cute and boyish PLUS cost me $0.00. I made two sets. One for Carter's room and one for the new baby's room.

I also made some prints that I am still in the midst of getting up.

Anyway...it's fun. I like boys. They are easy.

And let's be honest, they don't care about any of this. :)

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