Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I am currently feeling a little worn out and a little overwhelmed today. It is currently nap time (thankfully I have been able to line up the afternoon naps) and decided to checkout from it all for a few hours. favorite thing to do these days is pin stuff from pinterest. It might be a slight waste of time but I have actually been able to do a few of the things I have "pinned."

Here's what I have done...(These are pics of pinterest.)

Carter and I did this yesterday. He kind of got into it but it was mostly me just hitting ice with a hammer. Fun times. However I think he will get it better when we do it again.

I made these for Cole. They are cute. 
Homemade wipes. Easy and inexpensive. Also keeps chemicals out.
Working on our photo family gallery. My production level in life has slowed WAY down but I am slowly finishing it. I actually got cheap frames at Goodwill and painted them white so that is what is making it take a little longer. Plus I have a newborn and a 1 year old. That also doesn't help. Our gallery won't be this large b/c of little hands.

I want to do this with Carter soon. 

 I got this rug from Target. The colors are a little different than this pic. Casey has been collecting change for awhile and he gave his collection to me so I could go get this. 
 Maybe this winter I can get a iron patio set and paint it this pretty green color.

I also want to make this mirror. 

Last night we had this for dinner. Everyone liked it plus it cooked all day in the crockpot which made it even easier. I really should learn to use crockpot more.

And today we did this for fun. I'm not sure if it worked out that well. a)I'm not a professional photographer. Unfortunately. b) The "ole" need to be closer to the C I think or something. c) The blanket kind of ruins it but I can't put a newborn on cement.

I need to do this one over again.


My helper.


  1. Wow! Look at you go! I think you've gotten a lot accomplished. Love the Cole pictures

  2. Those pictures are adorable!!!

  3. uh. SO cute. whatever, who needs professional photography when your pics look like that. Ps. my favorite line was "I can't put a newborn on cement."

  4. Are you wiling to share your pattern or instructions on the bibs you upscaled from t-shirts? I am a new mommy to a little man & I would like to make some bibs that he can wear daily now that he is treething & drooling. TONS! The ones you made are. ADORABLE!