Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Chickens.

Cole has grown leaps and bounds lately. He's full of life. He talks..."Daddy, Momma, ball, What's that, car" He knows what things are: grapes, brother, outside. He's getting obsessed with bats. Shocker. He loves grapes...all fruit really. He loves his Daddy. He and him have a little thing in the morning when Casey wakes up to go to work. Generally it consists of growling at each other. He will also do the cutest thing and tilt his little head when laughing.

Carter and Cole's relationship has blossomed too. They like each other. They actually play together happily. It's cute. Periodically I will catch them in the car laughing at each other.

Carter starts preschool next week. One day a week. His language is improving greatly. He's thinning out and getting taller.

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