Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The boys are getting so big.

-started his new preschool to help his speech
-loves diggers, trains, baseball
-wants to be independent
-throwing fits more
-loves Casey
-requests time with just Daddy
-helps making his peanut butter sandwich for lunch
-picky eater
-does chores: puts dishes in sink, puts clothes down laundry shoot, throws things away, cleans up
-loves his bike
-opens car door to get in by himself

-talking at a 24 month level
-shares room with Carter now
-cuter than ever
-Loves Carter and Daddy

Our Parents as Teachers lady came by the other week and came to talk about attachment. I was sitting on the floor with both boys all over me when she said that she doesn't think that that's an issue. :)

We got cute chickens. Boys love them. New adventures.

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