Thursday, September 24, 2009

FYI....the name of our child might change from the one that has been mentioned to a select few as a possibility. Sorry for any inconvenience. :)


  1. What???? You told me it was a for sure. It's not the first name that's changing is it?

  2. It might be changing. It's a recent thing. I know...I guess I shouldn't have said anything. I don't know how to have a kid.

  3. well this is just ridiculous...
    What? Do YOU think that this whole thing is about YOU and YOUR kid? You just think that you can CHANGE the name of your kid?


    You can name your baby WHATEVER you want today...and then CHANGE it tomorrow and then choose something else next Thursday... its okay.

  4. Names are hard to commit to.

    Nobody knows how to have a kid.

    So what's the other possibility? It's cool if you don't want to tell, however, your gifts will be on hold until you do : )

  5. Katie....I'm sorry about that.

    We talk about it and then conclude our conversation with "We'll keep thinking about it."

    I think I am going to leave it up to Casey because I don't like picking a name.

    I'll let you know. :)