Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 2.

Today was a good day. We spent it at the hospital and will be here until tomorrow sometime. The breast feeding is going well thankfully. Carter was circumcised today. He survived and the nurse said he did really well.

I am feeling much better today. I am moving a little quicker and got to take a shower! Casey is doing well. He is being a good husband and Dad. He took a nap today with Carter right next to him. It was precious. My parents are on there way and will get here tomorrow. Lots of excitement.


  1. The new pictures are ADORABLE! You're making my uterus hurt.

  2. Oh no. Just remember how much it hurt when you had one.

  3. He is gorgeous! Love that you guys are on top of it with the blogging!!!
    Isn't it weird to wake up and think, I HAVE A BABY NOW!