Sunday, November 1, 2009

Discharge Day. Day 3.

It was a good and overwhelming day. The night before was a little rough but we all managed to get sleep. (Some of us more than others.)

Carter and I improved greatly on feeding and am so thankful for loving nurses! Breast feeding can be a little challenging it seems and all of the nurses that I had were so helpful.

We left the hospital around 11:30. It was a exciting and strange feeling to leave with a baby.

We are trying to feed every 3 hours for 30 minutes. It's going pretty well. He kind of naturally is doing it on his own which is making it nice.

My parents arrived this afternoon and we were so excited! They helped us get settled into the apartment. They are staying at my Uncle's which works out nicely.

In conclusion we are all doing well. Casey is LOVING being a Dad. It's the sweetest thing ever! He says he loves taking care of Carter and playing with him. I couldn't have done it without his help and leadership. It's been a fun experience.

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  1. Yeah! You're home! And grandma and grandpa hillis are there to help! Hope your first night at home went well!