Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 4.

Carter's big events today: eating, sleeping, pooping.

He's a really easy baby. Doesn't cry a whole lot. He is eating well. AND HE'S REALLY CUTE. :)

Tomorrow is our first doctor appointment after being born.

Mom and Dad are doing well. Casey went back to school today. I am slowly moving much more easily and surviving breast feeding. I am learning a lot.

My Mom and Dad are here which is nice. My apartment has never been so straightened up and cleaned on a consistent basis.


  1. I love the picture!!! How is he doing at night? How awesome was it to see your parents hold their first grandbaby for the first time???

  2. He is doing good. I have to wake him up to eat. He hardly ever cries which is awesome.

    It was very exciting to see my parents with him. My mom has been helping me during the day keep laundry and food going and getting stuff done. It's a huge help b/c I would be overwhelmed otherwise. :)