Thursday, October 8, 2009

I read a blog post from this cute couple on their blog and thought I would copy and share how Casey and I find ways to save money.

*Coupons. I love coupons and carry a coupon organizer in my purse everywhere we go. Our favorite coupon of all times are Red Robin birthday gifts. You get a free meal on your birthday AND we are not ashamed to say that we usually split it leaving us only a tip to pay for. With the bottomless fries, we both get plenty of food.

*Hair. Casey cuts his own hair. He has buzzed it for awhile but is now starting to grow it out. But before we got married, I bought him a hair cutting kit and he has used it ever since. I get my hair cut at beauty schools. It's way cheaper and I haven't had a bad experience yet. I have to admit that I miss Krystel (my hair dresser in St. Louis) but don't miss the bill.

*Waiting. I can think of 2 things on the top of my head where waiting proved to be the best move. For instance, Casey needed new, nice tennis shoes. He wanted Pumas but with their pricey price tag we were hesitant. Randomly we are at the mall and he finds Pumas he loves on sale for $30.00. You can't buy good shoes at Walmart...I don't think...for that. Another example, Casey and I have been contemplating getting a handgun (For safety reasons..) for the past month. Through working at an apartment complex, we were give the opportunity to get a nice handgun for $125.00. It's perfect for what we need it for and we could have spent a lot more. So we have learned that waiting and not making quick purchases saves us money. God provides.

*Envelope System. We started the envelope system shortly after getting to Arizona. We were on a budget before but using envelopes saved so much headache for us. It's nice because you know exactly what you can spend on what. It makes us intentional with our spending and makes us communicate with one another.

*Goodwill. We got a $12 changing table for Baby Eldridge. It's nice b/c if we decide we don't want to move it (say in March!!!!!) it's not a huge waste and it served it's purpose.

*Buying in Bulk. We like buying in bulk. It saves endless trips to the grocery store and it is usually cheaper. There are negatives to buying in bigger quantities so we have learned the things that we like buying there (VitaRain drinks) and things we don't.

*Redbox. I usually go searching for free codes on the web. It's fun to not pay anything.

*Gas. We found this gas station close to our apartment that always has the best price on gas.

*Credit Cards. We try not to even use our card but sometimes we do and always pay it off.
No interest.

*One car payment. Thankfully we only have one car payment and plan in the future to not have one at all but until then we are grateful for just one.

*Eating Out. We limit our eating out to once a week and it's usually on the weekends. We bring our meals to work and school.

I enjoy our thriftiness. It's quite satisfying to feel that you are in control of your spending and find ways to not spend a lot.

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