Monday, October 12, 2009

It's 7:56 pm and I am currently waiting for Casey to get out of class at 8:15 and make his way home. Another long day for him is done! Yay!

Saturday was a little rough. Casey was sick or his allergies caught up with him or something. Not sure. He didn't get a lot of sleep Thursday night so he probably just messed his system up. After resting all day Saturday, he got better despite the Cardinals game Saturday afternoon. He was a bit heartbroken but we all know how Casey is emotionally connected with them. :)

We had a good Sunday together. I didn't work so it was very refreshing to spend a WHOLE day together. We went to church and heard a really good sermon and good worship. Then we went to lunch, ran errands, and hung out at Uncle Tim's house. Fun stuff and good to be together. I think we like each other a little more when that happens. :) Kidding. A little. But really (not to complain) our current lifestyle is a little hard on our relationship. It's been a little stressful at times (understatement) and then you add in baby hormones and tiredness....not always a good combo. But we are making it and March is getting CLOSER. Praise God.

All I know is that on March 5th (hopefully) we are partying!!! Seriously.

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