Thursday, January 7, 2010

As everyone knows who reads this, Casey has passions in life are quite obvious: St. Louis Cardinals, Matchbox 20, Pumas, (God, wife, son are in here too) and Porsches. One of the main reasons for going to UTI was the opportunity to go to the Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program in Atlanta, GA. After completing the program, mechanics are considered factory trained and can get jobs all around the world. It's really hard to get into the program. 9 people are accepted twice a year (or something like that.) So it's a big deal. There are a lot of steps in order to get in. You have to have a high GPA, ASEs, perfect attendance and an interview with the Porsche/UTI guy.

SSSSooooooo all of that to say Casey had his interview today. He left for school this morning (the interview was at school) in his new Express suit (that we got an amazing, after Christmas deal on) and fun new tie and belt. He had his presentation of all his experience with Porsches throughout his life all ready.

All of his prep work paid off. Casey was accepted into the Porsche program. Unfortunately this doesn't mean he is totally in yet. It just means that he can interview with the Porsche people which will happen in April. But it's still a big deal. Most guys don't get that far. So it's a great opportunity for Casey. We are excited to see what happens. A few months ago, we didn't even think it was an opportunity.

AND there's more exciting news.....if you can believe it....CARTER SLEPT from 9-5 two nights in a row now. I just randomly decided to put him to sleep on his tummy and it worked wonders. We have always put him to sleep on his back since the hospital nurses and doctors and our pediatrician made such a big stinkin' deal about making sure we didn't put him on his tummy. Anyway....I was very excited about that.

I haven't been thrilled though with his sleeping patterns this week during the day. The past few days he has fussed and not slept well at all during work. So I am working on making adjustments and get a little better schedule since he is getting bigger and changing all the time.

To help give him more activity in life, I got him a Johnny Jump Up (I think that's what they are called) today at Once Upon A Child. ($15.00, cute, and in good condition!!) SO hopefully we can keep him up when he's suppose to be and asleep when he's suppose to be. :)

And am I doing? Glad you asked. Just trying to keep everything going and go to work. Learning how to do the baby thing and trying to hold on to each moment b/c before you know it, Carter's going to be in Kindergarten and then high school and then college and then..... GOODNESS.


  1. Yay for Casey! Yay for Carter! (I miss you guys!)

  2. You are doing such a wonderful job with Carter! Your hard work really shows!