Friday, January 8, 2010

Carter Facts.

*I've only got a few for right now.

Favorite color: red....we think. He always stares at red things.
Favorite activity: Looking out windows. He will sit in his bouncer happily and kick and flail his arms in front of our window behind our couch. We do this every morning.
Favorite food: breast milk.

*Aren't these cute? Toms Shoes for little guys. They start at a size 10 so we've got a little bit until they will work.


  1. When babies are born, they can only see black and white, then other colors come in as they get older. THis could be why Carter likes Red, it is bold and bright. I'm sure if you look into it further, you will find more info, this is just my limited knowledge. :)

  2. 10? Josh could totally rock those out!