Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's rained here in Arizona for 2 days this week! Roads closed because of flooding and puddles of water are everywhere. Clearly Arizona is not suited for water. It hardly ever rains. It was actually a nice change to the normal weather of sunshine.

Not only is the rain a nice change, but the end of Casey's school year is about to come to a close. A really GOOD change. He is feeling a lot more relaxed and excited about the next 3 weeks. After a full year of work and school, he is glad that he has accomplished so much. Yesterday he took his ninth ASE test and of course, passed it. I said to him, "People are going to think you cheat." But he doesn't cheat. He just works really hard at learning. It's no joke to him like a lot of the guys at UTI. He wants to make the most out of it since it's not the cheapest education and he will need to know the stuff when working. Needless to say, Carter and I are very proud of Casey. He's done so well.

Carter is definitely growing and changing as you can see from the pictures below this post. He's starting to talk and laugh. I love it when he gets happy to see me more than anyone else. He's been sleeping through the night like a pro and taking good naps. Last week all the kid wanted to do was sleep and this week he's up more. He is really good at spitting up. We have burp clothes everywhere. We rotate activities between the floor play mat, the Johnny Jump Up, the swing, Praise Baby, and his bouncer. Having him at work has gone well. I just make sure I am prepared.
I call him squawker. Casey and I always ask him "Are you squawking?" when he starts to whimper and that turned into squawker. It's cute.

Casey's Dad came into town this weekend and they are going to the Barrett Jackson auction to look at a bunch of cars. (boring)

It'll be a good weekend. Hopefully relaxing. :)

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