Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last night Carter and I went for a walk. It's been slightly cool in Arizona these past few days so we had to bundle up a little. He seemed to like being outside since he didn't make a beep the whole time. I think we are going to start going on walks everyday.

I love his little bear hat.

He's getting big and HEAVY. I'm excited about getting arm muscles.

I remember when he was this little. [Sad face.] It's just going so darn fast.


  1. I can't believe how big Carter is getting! The girls and I are sosososo excited to see him!! We dropped my dad at the airport when he came to visit you guys and he had told Audrey that he was going to see Carter and she cried the whole way home!!!

  2. I love the bear hat too. He is getting big. I think it's awesome that you are aware enough in the whole new parenting thing to treasure your first one as much you are. Most people don't get that until the second time around. Good job friend.