Monday, February 1, 2010

Current graduation countdown: 11 days...not including today.

***For all you mom's with boys. I'm excited about seeing what all the ideas are. :)

***For all you girl's that deal with insecurities. Excited about this online bible study.


  1. I'm SO excited for ya'll! Are you having a party or anything?

  2. I know I have said that we are "going to party" before but the actually possibility of that happening is very little. We will be finishing up packing and I leave the next morning. So...I'm letting it go.

    I thought about doing something little like balloons but I don't have a car. I have a baby. I have to pack. Why put that pressure on myself? And he said he doesn't want anything.

    We're just going to go to dinner that night. His mom, stepdad, and cousin are coming into town for it.