Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wild Things.

Casey and I have tried to come up with some sort of devotional type of thing that we can do together in an effort to grow together as a couple.

And while marriage books are great and helpful, we have had our fair share of them and pre-marital counseling that nothing really appealed to us as we stood in the book aisle of Family Christian Bookstore. Our goal is to actually accomplish the goal. It didn't really matter what we read as long as we kept up with it. And we knew that we could easily get bored with many of those books. I guess we've been Christianized too much. Basically we just wanted something different and new.

As we continued on pass the marriage books we move into the kid/parent books where we found the "Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys."

We thought PERFECT, as my 13 week old baby boy fussed in his stroller probably wanting to get out or possibly annoyed that his morning nap schedule was being interrupted with errands. Who really knows.

Anyway I am personally excited about reading this book with my husband in hopes that it might help us better understand how to be raise this little bundle of male joy and laughter and spit up a little more. God help us. AND that Casey and I can grow together in a new way and have this special thing that we do as husband and wife.

My friend Katie Kelly said it well on her blog,"I'm still getting used to this whole boy thing. It's not easy to handle when you had no idea what you were in for. I grew up with a sister, and didn't play with boys that much. I don't get why everything is turned into a gun and why they want to blow things up. I don't get the fascination with matchbox cars and the joys they bring. I don't understand why they have to test everything (i.e. push the tip of a toy airplane repeatedly into the couch cushions to see if it will tear or drop something glass to see if it will break, use a sharpie on the couch to make sure it works... I think you get the idea. I don't understand. But I'm trying. And while I may not understand it all at this moment, I need to be more free about letting them do their thing, because they seem to understand just fine what it is they are supposed to be about. Fighting, protecting, exploring, rescuing, GOING."

Here's to boys!!! :)

From the back cover......"A boy's endless imagination, hunger for adventure, and passionate spirit are matched only by his deep desire to be affirmed, esteemed, and loved."

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