Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nusery: DIY Art

A little progress on Carter's nursery was made today. For starters, I cleared out his room of random boxes and storage items that need to go to our storage unit.

And I made some easy, fun art to go on these wall ledges I got at Target [on sale.]

It's so easy I shouldn't even give the steps but basically I just took orange, polka dot scrapbooking paper and printed a royal blue "C" on it in a western font, stuck it in a frame, and "wa-la." It's nothing that great but will hopefully be cute with everything else. Final cost= $0.


  1. Super cute! I might steal that idea when we redo the boys soon to be joint room. Where did you get the font from? The same place as the digikits?

  2. No......www.dafont.com

    They have lots of good ones.

    Look under "western"

    They are free. You just have to download.