Monday, January 10, 2011

Had a lovely time in Atlanta with my friend Katie Kelly. It was fun to hang out with her gang and have a change of pace. Carter did well on the plane. SNACKS are the key. Thankfully the flight was short.

Carter had so much fun with Josh and Jack. They are older and he would just watch them and laugh at them. It was fun to watch. 

But we are back now and a snow storm is coming through. Boo. Only b.c. its hard to keep a little one occupied in a small apartment. Outside does wanders. Hopefully we will get a house after this lease is up....a house with a yard! Woohoo. Well...we'll see. :)

Heard baby #2's heartbeat today. Not really feeling pregnant so I liked hearing it.


  1. what?!?!?! have i been under a rock?!?! congrats!!!

  2. No. I just haven't been intenTional about announcing. :)

  3. If you aren't feeling pregnant, that means at least you aren't feeling sick, so that is good!!! :)

  4. I know. I am blessed with sick free pregnancies for the most part. I was sick for one week earlier on. It was awful but it was just for that week.