Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today seemed to be another productive day. I got started fairly early this morning and just started cleaning and rearranging. Casey's friend, Chad, gave us the CUTEST couch ever and so everything was in desperate need of being moved. And surprisingly enough I love how everything looks. So that's a good homemaker feeling....feeling productive and getting visual results. Though I'm sure the greatest rewards from being a mom can't always be seen or done in a few hours. It's probably in the little things as a mom and a wife. Loving without wanting anything back. Working hard with no one noticing. Praying hard. Trusting. Waiting. Definitely things I am not good at.

I really need to do what Beth teaches in Breaking Free and get my scripture notebook set with verses that I need in a moments notice.....things about worry and anger and God's love for children...and loving my husband. She suggests carrying it around with you wherever you go. It's just easy in this world to forget truth and believe the lies and the feelings and then acting them out. I should know better. How long have I been a Christian?? And now I am beating myself up. No really...I should just do it instead of thinking about it and blogging about it.

Carter's so funny. There's little moments when I am watching him and I am in awe. Like today, we were playing at the train table (also given to us by Chad) and watched him being extremely intentional about shoving them all in this little cave area. Why? Who knows. He just wanted to. Of course, I think he is genius but I'm sure every mother does. It's just funny.

I went to the baby doctor yesterday and saw baby #2. I now officially know I'm pregnant and it became so real to me. I saw it's heartbeat and it's little feet.  He or she is about 2 inches long and so precious. Today I had several moments when I would look at Carter and think about the little one growing in me and just stood in awe that he started just like that too and in less than 2 years he is walking around this place beating his bat on the wall and laughing at Kipper (kid cartoon.) It's weird and awesome and POINTS all back to our Heavenly Father who created this whole deal.

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