Monday, March 28, 2011

A Blog Snot.

I love reading blogs. It's my favorite stay-at-home mom activity. I love seeing good ideas, finding encouragement, and connecting with other people. Of course I have to keep a check on blog reading. Like making sure I am not spending too much time on the computer and neglecting more important things. I also find myself easily comparing myself with others. Not healthy. 

And one of my biggest changes I want to make with my blog habit is to not be such a SNOTTY blog reader and comment! No more stalking. My commitment is to leave a comment on every blog post I read or at least a good majority of them. You can join me in my commitment and leave a comment here! Every blogger loves comments. :)

Thought THIS was such a good post along the same lines.

Happy Monday!

I leave you with this little parrot.  (This is why I can't spend too much on the computer. This little one watches everything I do. )

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