Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Link Love.

Currently memorizing. (I try to pick a verse that will help me in my daily life. Things I am currently dealing with.)

Maybe when I'm un-pregnant :), I will shop here. Kind of like Anthropologie-but not so expensive.

Watched this last night. While I am weary of some documentaries found on Netflix, I loved this one because I have experienced it in my life. Call me a hippie. I'm okay with that. :) (Though I don't think medicine is bad all together and the documentary doesn't say that but the trailer kind of portrays it.)

 Fun, easy, older kid activity.

Good reminder.

Anyone want one of these? No? Hmmm.

Rutabaga. This is what I looked like with Carter at 25 weeks.  Haven't taken many belly pics with this one. I need to soon.

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