Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I didn't have my camera.

Last Friday night....when it was warn and the sun was out, remember....before it snowed, Casey was outside working on his car. We hung out with him because I think it's important that Carter is around his Dad as much as possible. Boys need their fathers.

Carter loved it of course. One year olds think the whole world is theirs. He would pick up Casey's tools and try to "work" on the car that Casey was working on. It was the most precious thing to watch.

At one point, Casey lays on the ground to do something under the car and Carter lays on his Dad's legs and tries to look under the car too.

MELT MY HEART. It would have been the cutest picture but I didn't have my camera. Sad.

But the scene is still in my head. I hope I never forget it. :)

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