Friday, April 8, 2011

Carter Updates.

*He throws fits. He is getting a temper. Plus he can't speak right now so he gets even more frustrated. I guess this is where baby sign language would come in handy.
*He can use a fork to get food. He likes it. Really he likes doing anything he sees us do.
*He's into the cell phone. He had a whole conversation with our realtor unbeknownst (sp?) to me.
*I've taught him to clasp his hands to pray. We do it before we go to bed. It's precious.
*I've attempted potty training. It's going to take a lot of time right now so we are working on it slowly.
*He loves hanging out on our bed rough housin' with Daddy. He also loves pillows. He throws himself on them.
*He gets so excited to go outside.
*Favorite movie: Cars
*He makes the cutest little noises when he talks to himself and has conversations. I'm going to miss hearing it!
*He loves cooking utensils. I think it's because he sees me cook a lot. And he loves checking out cars because he sees Casey do that. They are little parrots!
*He is getting lots of teeth.
*He hates being washed, having his face and hands wiped, changing his diaper, putting on clothes. We've started to have our first spankings around these time.
*Speaking of spankings, the other day after getting dressed which involved a spanking he looked back at me and talked back in his own language. Parenting is starting to get interesting. :)
*During a recent play date with a little boy close to Carter's age, I witnessed the first bit of jealousy. Randy was sitting on my lap and Carter came up and pushed him in his head. Having another baby around might be a bit of an adjustment for all of us.

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