Friday, April 1, 2011

Guest Blogger: Rylie Renee

My google reader is full of DIY/crafty bloggers. I love seeing what others are doing.    

One of the cutest, crafty, DIYers EVERS is guest blogging! Meet Rylie.  


"Hello KJoy readers! This is Rylie from My Corner in the Universe. I have a little DIY y'all today... It's super simple to make but most importantly -- it's cute!


Step one:
Cut a circle out of the 'base' fabric (I used burlap).
Step two:
Pinch and sew the fabric... There is no rhyme or reason for this part.
Step three:
Cut out a smaller circle using different fabric.
Step four:
Pinch and sew this fabric on to the base.
Step five:
Cut out a tiny circle.
Pinch and sew this one separately.
Step six: 
Sew the smallest circle on top of the other two... It's pretty self explanatory. :)

Step seven:
Moving to the clip part... Glue a small rectangle of felt on to the clip. (I clipped the clip on a piece of paper as not to glue the clip together.)

Step eight:
Once the glue has dried, glue the felt on to the bottom of the flower.
Voila. Pretty flower hair clip.Hope y'all enjoyed it. :)
Hope y'all enjoyed it! :) 


I need a baby girl to make cute headbands and onsies! :) Thanks Rylie!
Make sure to check out her blog and other cute, thrifty, DIYNess HERE.

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