Friday, April 22, 2011


I usually don't like movies that deal with anything along the lines of child molesters, kidnapping, rape, murder, sex know, evil things like that. I find myself thinking about it and having visuals of certain scenes in my head. I just like happy movies. ;)

So when my husband suggested we watch this movie "Taken" and explained that it is about a girl being kidnapped, I said "Ummmmm, no. Let's watch a chick flick." He decided to watch it and I got sucked into it despite the fact that I tried to ignore it and do my bible study. :)

Basically it's about this teenage girl who goes to Europe with her friend and gets kidnapped and sold into the sex trade (I think that's what it is.) Her Dad didn't want her to go because he was some "Jason Bourne" type character who is highly trained in super-secret-mission-government-stuff and he knew the danger of her being by herself. (Love my descriptions.) She ends up going anyway and lies to him about what she is doing and her circumstances. Turns out she gets kidnapped and her Dad goes and rescues her.

Last night in bed, I started thinking about the movie. I realized it was a picture of what God does for us as our loving Father. He gives us rules and wisdom in His Word for our protection. But when we chose not to follow, he goes after us, rescues us, and redeems the situation. He works despite the times we don't listen and do our own thing. Our God is a good God!

Happy Easter!

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