Monday, April 18, 2011

Being Healthy.

I like being healthy or at least trying to be healthy. I think it is super-uber important and honestly I think God wants us to take care of what he has given us. I don't think medicine is bad but I think that we can eliminate a LOT of our issues if we just ate the way we are suppose to. So these are a few, easy things that my family and I do to keep our bodies functioning well.

1. Eat VEGETABLES and FRUIT. Not to hard really. Your body needs them. Food that is "alive" is essential to keeping things flowing and moving.
-Raw is better than cooked.
-Organic is better than conventional.
-We do our best to eat them as much as possible with each meal.

2. STAY away from dairy as much as possible. Your probably thinking, "what?" Turns out it really isn't that good for you and you can get calcium in so many better ways. We still eat a fair amount of cheese and ice cream every now and then I must admit. But don't take my word on it. Do your own research and make decisions that are best for you.

3. I like to HIDE NUTRIENTS in everyday things. For instance, I put flax seed in Carter's oatmeal or in smoothies I make for my husband at times. I hide vegetables in mac and cheese or spaghetti or whatever.
4. PROBIOTICS. Changed my life. Seriously. I know that sounds dramatic but I lost a bunch of weight when I first discovered them (another reason I loved my job at Whole Foods a few years ago), maintained that weight without really trying, and I think I have had one cold this season. Your body is created to take care of itself it just needs the stuff to do it.
I even put good bacteria in Carter's juice or applesauce. After Carter had his surgery this Winter, the doctors gave me a prescription for a laxative....I said (to myself), "NOT." We will do it a better way and the kid was pooping like normal within a few days. :)
5. Buy organic whenever possible.
6. Exercise. 

We still eat our fair share of "unhealthy" food but we do our best and trust that little changes each day will add up in the long run. 

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