Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Link Love.

My blogging has ceased lately. I think I am an emotional blogger or maybe it is being 31 weeks pregnant! It's gone so fast.

But it's even more exciting because.......

After a bit of a tumultuous, dramatic house shopping experience that looked nothing like HGTV's House Hunters (I heard the show is staged), we will be homeowners on May 20th. Woot! Our little house passed all it's inspections and we got a super-deal on stainless steel appliances from Craig's List so we should be ready to move in.


Need a good realtor: Gloria Sparks.  She's persistent and stays on top of the details which is good when you are dealing with Real Estate.

Toms shoes: Crochet

Currently memorizing.

Had a birthday recently. Turned 28. Celebrated with a Royal Wedding sleepover and a date night to Pi with Casey. It's nice to go to a restaurant without a busy-one year old.

Good reminder.

I need to get him one of these soon. (I think we are starting to hit the terrible-twos phase a bit early. He's becoming quite the handful. He's still adorable-just busy. He's definitely not a baby anymore. Definitely a little boy. Parenting is getting a bit more challenging. I don't want to blow things off because we will just have to deal with it as he gets older. I'd rather deal with a difficult one year old than a difficult 16 year old. Amen.)

Look at that face!

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