Monday, December 19, 2011

The things they do.

I keep forgetting to do a post about what the boys are doing these days. I want to make sure I get it down in some form because I will forget. And I don't want to forget. :)

*He's big. He's dense.
*Throwing some more fits.
*Love going downstairs to the man cave with Casey and hanging out.
*Still a little parrot. Watched Uncle Dan build a cabinet with a pencil behind his ear so he tried to put a pencil behind his ear.
*Loves to say "hot" about everything. He puts his little hand out and aims it at whatever he thinks is hot.
*Our nighttime routine is to get in bed with him and read him a book. He makes sure we get in with him by pointing to his bed
*Loves the arcade at Walmart. He marches right to it.
*Knows how to work a iPHone.
*Roars when he sees lions.
*TV addict.
*Bat addict.
*Starting to really like animals. We saw penguins at the zoo and he loved them. A few days later while at Whole Foods, he saw a stuffed animal penguin which was about the same size as the real ones and he went up to it and softly tapped it because he thought it was real. So funny.

*He's a talker.
*Loves to look in mirrors.
*Rolls both ways.
*Started to eat solids this week. Started lapping it up like a puppy.
*Pat my arm continuously when happy.
*Likes Carter. Watches him.
*Easy to make him smile.
*Pinches my skin (lightly) and touches my face while feeding.

Our Christmas 2011 card. Didn't actually end up printing the cards with the back. 

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