Friday, February 17, 2012

It's been awhile. They have grown.

-Knows a lot more words and letters. Like BUS. AND BASS-BALL. And LeapFrog is teaching him his letters and numbers. At the park today, he pointed to each letter correctly on a sign after I said it to him. Makes me smile.
-Obsessed with his baseball glove. Favorite Christmas gift hands down. He goes everywhere with it and won't put it down for anything.
-ALSO obsessed with his fireman rain boots.
-Loves church and his class. Says Jesus. (I think.) But he will point to him in his books.
-Have a nightly ritual of getting in the crib with him to read books. He points to the mattress when he wants you to get in.

-Can hold his balance when sitting up.
-Starting giving him chunkier pieces of food. He thinks he is awesome because of it. He isn't really wanting purees now. He shakes his head when I put a spoon near his mouth. It's funny but not all at the same time.
-He is army crawling all over.
-He is busy.
-Loves to take baths. Loves the water coming from the faucet most.
-Gets the biggest kick out of Carter. He will just stare at him.

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