Monday, April 16, 2012

Carter: 2.5
*He has to have booboos kissed. Even if you don't kiss the exact spot of pain, he still just needs a kiss somewhere.
*Knows lots of new words: house, rain, 
*He is currently in a transportation phase: buses, trucks, airplanes, tractors
*Still loves baseball. Had to learn to share bat with neighbor kids when playing outside. Always wants his Cardinals hat on. Gets his feet ready by marching them in place before pitch. Runs the bases. Slides. He watches all of this on TV and then does it. Visual learner. 
*Waves goodbye when he wants to go somewhere like neighbor kids. 
*Throws tantrums. It's fun.
*Sssshes when cole is sleeping. 

*When reading a story with a "mommy" in it, he will point to me. And then point to himself when it's the little kid. Even if it's a dog character. 
*Read a Easter book that went through the events of the Easter story. Each event ended with "Why did Jesus....die on the cross? Because Jesus loves Carter" and he would point to himself. 

Cole: 9 months
Likes praise baby. 
Crawling everywhere. Army crawling
Into his pointer finger.
Always gets excited when we open door to get Carter from his room.
Eating a lot more. Likes healthy things. 

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