Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Going with the FLOW.

Casey is out of town for Porsche training.

It has been a fairly good week thus far. We've stayed busy. I've hung out with actual adults in the mornings. Kids have been happy.

We went to the Museum of Transportation this morning. CARTER.LOVED.IT. He walked around holding his Thomas train and wearing his Thomas shirt. Unfortunately the train got lost which I knew was going to happen but didn't want to fight it. The kid has to be holding something. We bought a pass so we will be frequenting that place.

He also loves firetrucks. I must mention that when we are looking at the firetrucks in a book he has to point to the ladder in the book and the one on his toy.

And the other day he said choo-choo book. Two words together. His language is slowly improving.

Cole is THE.CUTEST.THING.EVER. He loves his pointer. He says, "dog" "ball" and "bat." Went through a growth spurt this weekend. Same weekend Casey had a vasectomy. Fabulous timing. I WAS MENTALLY EXHAUSTED. Literally no one in this house could take care of themselves but sleep deprived me. Though I must say I am catching up on sleep these days. It's not as nearly as bad as it was and it's just for a short time....hopefully. Needless to say surgery and then solo parenting smack dab next to each other was not something I was looking forward to. But it is almost over.

Back to Cole...the kid loves the carts at the grocery stores that have steering wheels. Could it be mandatory that all stores have those? My kids love it. I might just go to Shop and Save to give the kids a ride in the carts.

Working hard on adding more GRACE to my parenting. The book "Grace Based Parenting" has helped me personally and in the role as a mother.

Enjoying being a mom. Trying hard to not sweat the small stuff. Not worry about perfecting the house and chores. Going with the flow.

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