Monday, July 9, 2012

What has been going on? Well....

In Carter world we have gone from baseball to firetrucks to trains back to firetrucks here and there then back to baseball lately. It's funny how his obsessions come and go. He's a cutie. Way more affectionate these days. Gives me hugs and kisses. Says "Gotcha mom." Today he while hitting baseball off t said, "Me hit ball." Language is definitely improving. Learning to share with Cole.

Cole had a birthday party Saturday and Carter had a hard time understanding that they were Cole's toys. But why would he understand that? He's always ever gotten everything.

Cole, duck, and ball. Still a MOMMA's boy. Not really walking yet. Though stands up mid air. Points to what he wants..especially for food. It's funny. He starting to give kisses.

We've been hitting the pool lots. Getting tan. Trying to stay busy. Playdates.

Thinking is hard for me these days. Motherhood is wearing me out. I'm sure I am missing some stuff. :)

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